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5 benefits when hiring local guides

Hiring guides when traveling abroad, you will save a lot of time when finding entertainment places only locals know. If you are still concerned about whether or not to hire a local tour guide, you can consider it after consulting the following information. Save time Traveling …

A warning through the Christmas tree of airport security

LITHUANIA The Christmas tree at Vilnius airport is decorated with the objects of passengers who had been confiscated by security. From 12/12, travelers passing through Vilnius airport in Lithuania have a chance to admire a Christmas tree made from confiscated security items. One of the …

Unbelievable things were stolen in the hotel

GERMANY – One hotel had its bed taken away by a guest, and another was puzzled by the loss of battery in the controller. German travel company Wellness Heaven has surveyed nearly 1,200 hotels from around the world to determine what they often lose in …

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