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6 Best cities in Vietnam that you must visit once

Vietnam has not only a long history with contemporary architecture, attractive dishes, customary customs, besides the city attracts thousands of tourists. Each city has its own distinctiveness for each of the different regions that make up the diversity of the Vietnamese landscape. Here are the top 7 best cities to visit in Vietnam.

1/ Saigon

The first impression in the eyes of tourists in Saigon is the image of a young city always live in the rhythm of busy, vibrant. Especially, when the night falls, the city has a exotic hidden beauty that no one can deny it.

Known as a sleepy city, although it is early morning or when the sun shines, the bustle existing in Saigon is the impression that travelers will never forget. In the evening, do not forget to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, coffee grounds – beautiful features not mixed up of one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam. In the evening, Saigon is magnificent with skyscrapers, shopping areas, strolls, and street lights shining brightly. Especially when coming to the West (Bui Vien) at this time, you will be in the bustling atmosphere of the passersby, apparently Saigon never sleeps.

2 / Hanoi – best cities to visit in Vietnam.

If one day you come to Hanoi, go out to the streets to hear the night of Hanoi, to see Hanoi in the calm old, quiet, there is the truth of life. born. Ha Thanh ancient land is famous for ancient beauty of Ho Guom lake, Turtle Tower, the old town and also the perfumed milk flowers …

Today, Hanoi is still beautiful with these simple features but somewhere in the city has put on a new coat of dynamic young. Hanoi at night with towering lights shining; laughter is said from the lemon tea church Street, Dao Duy Street From the top view, Hanoi at night full of charm, so hearty to know how many travelers.

3 / Da Nang city one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam.

In 2011, Danang has affirmed its brand by winning the “Environmentally Sustainable City” awarded by ASEAN. This is a proud title of Danang people that not everywhere have been.

Moreover, nature has given special privileges to the city by the Han River many famous sights. When mentioning Da Nang many people will not be surprised with the famous tourist attractions.

Guests will experience full feeling from the forest to the sea when visiting the Son Tra peninsula – about 10km from the center of Da Nang city or visit Ba Na mountain with rich ecological tourism well known Ba Na Hills sea level near 1500m or visit the ancient villages such as Non Nuoc stone carving village, Cam Ne village, Tu Loan ancient village …

4 / Da Lat – MuSuong City

It is quite interesting to come to Da Lat that you will not find here any traffic light posts. Dalat is marked in the hearts of visitors because of cool climate yearly so always create a comfortable feeling and comfortable. Da Lat city (Dalat province) when lights up, we imagine the picture as blurring in the land of fairy tales in the old mother’s story. Best cities to visit in Vietnam.

Dalat is beautiful in the night with the houses in the pine forest, the winding road as in the story of the ancient mother. If possible, allow yourself an evening stroll along the shores of Xuan Huong Lake, hear the laughing sound of people, hear the hot, greasy soy sauce or walk around the night market to buy Dalat for yourself. souvenir with cheap price unexpectedly. Visitors to Da Lat will surely have a wonderful experience.

5 / Hoi An – City of the lanterns brilliant

Hoi An is famous for its lanterns and old fashioned nostalgic charms. Leaving the bustle of everyday life, Hoi An with the small light of the lanterns, the gentle drift of the water always makes us feel really relaxed and comfortable. Best cities to visit in Vietnam.

Not only that, to Hoi An in the night, visitors can also admire the beauty of a prosperous trade destination crowded with exquisite, full of fun.

6 / Hue – Dream City

Speaking of Hue, everyone seems to associate with light, dreamy, dreamlike, … country with the calm and sadness of the city.

Coming to Hue at night without the taste of having to sit and enjoy the cup of tea on hand while enjoying the sweetness of the voice of Hue on the river Huong, it seems you missed the most important gift when come to this dream country.

Not only that, the beauty of the economic lands – where the occupation of the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty is known when the night gradually falls. When the light of the sun door to make room for the vast night sky, it is also the time that Hue girls wake up with all kinds of colors.

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