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A warning through the Christmas tree of airport security

LITHUANIA The Christmas tree at Vilnius airport is decorated with the objects of passengers who had been confiscated by security.

From 12/12, travelers passing through Vilnius airport in Lithuania have a chance to admire a Christmas tree made from confiscated security items. One of the dangerous items is knives, scissors, blades, fake guns, cartridges, lighters …

After sharing the images online, airport representatives said they wanted to pass this pine to send passengers messages about the importance of aviation security.

“If you do not want your personal items on our Christmas tree next year, read carefully the requirements for prohibited items to be brought before packing,” the airport said.

Many people who viewed the picture above said they did not know that scissors and pliers or similar items were prohibited from being carried on the plane. “I don’t know why someone brought a screwdriver on the plane,” one commented.

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