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Autumn festivals in Japan

Coming to Japan in the fall, visitors can participate in Nagasaki Kunchi festival, mackerel festival and Kyoto Kurama fire festival. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Japan has many festivals that visitors should not miss.

Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

The event is held from October 7 to October 9 in Nagasaki. The most unique activity of the festival is the dance from the local district. Each district only participates once every 7 years, so the dances are always new and attractive to tourists.

The festival dates back to 400 years ago, originating from the dance of two female artists dedicated to the gods at Suwa temple. In addition, when coming to the festival, visitors will witness the procession to bring the god to Otabi Sou temple, also known as Okudari (procession of gods to the mountain). During the festival, visitors should not miss dances like Tosen Matsuri, Ja Odori or Oranda mune to recreate the trade history of Japan and the Netherlands from the 17th century.

Japanese Mackerel Festival

The mackerel fishing takes place around September and October every year. Therefore, the festival is held on the first Sunday of September, to introduce visitors to Japanese mackerel specialties. Coming to the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy grilled mackerel on charcoal. Every year more than 6,000 – 7,000 mackerel is grilled at the festival to serve visitors.

Kyoto Kurama Fire Festival

Held on the night of October 22, the festival is to thank the god Yukimyojin for protecting Kyoto from natural disasters and chaos. In the Heian period, the god was worshiped at the Yuki Jinja temple, Heian palace. Later, the temple was transferred to Kurama and the fire festival was held annually by locals.

When sunset sets in, men will perform the procession of parade and procession of mishoki around the village before returning to Yuki Shrine. Today, women also participate in festivals due to the shrinking village population.

In addition to participating in the autumn festival in Japan, visitors should not miss activities such as enjoying fruits, watching the color of Kokia grass at Kawaguchiko park, Yamanashi province or immersing yourself in nature and the ancient atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyoto.

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