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Enjoy an exotic Sapa Vietnam in December

Sapa is located in the North West of the country, is a highland district of Lao Cai province, which contains many wonderful wonders of the mountains and mountainous ethnic minority people. Sapa vietnam weather december

In December of the year, when the northeasterly winds blow through the bush lands of the mighty mountainous region, visitors from faraway destinations wrap their towels around the mountain town for a great winter.

1. sapa vietnam weather december

Sapa snow white

Sapa with a height of over 1600m above sea level, in winter the temperature here is extremely low down to below 0C. This is a condition for snow, but it is more interesting when you once in your life have touched the snow and played games in the snow or sit at the fire, sip a cup of hot tea or chat with you. Friends. Travel Sapa at this time you will admire the natural scenery of beautiful mountains and forests with stunning scenery engulfed in snow.

Foggy Sapa

Do you know what the attraction of Sapa in December in the snow? That answer is the mist all over the way. In Sapa on the crowded days are also covered with fog. They are like thin panels around the houses, the trees or the mountains create a romantic scenery. Sapa vietnam weather december

Sapa vietnam weather december – Sapa in plum color, peach

Sapa travel in December, you will admire the beauty of plum blossom, peach blossom. Peach, plum has gently adorn the natural picture here more glamorous.

Get in the bustle of life here

If you are thinking about traveling to Sapa in December with such cold weather will not be interesting then it seems you are wrong. Come to Sapa on the winter days you will be immersed in the busy life here. The stalls, markets and markets Tinha Sapa still busy buyers who sell along with the verse song of the boys and girls in the mountain town. Sapa vietnam weather december

2. Sapa travel experience in December for you

Sapa is a charming tourist destination in Vietnam for those who love nature and want to experience the wild and majestic character of the mountains and forests of the Northwest. However, for a complete and safe transfer, you need to be prepared carefully.

For a safe trip to Sapa vietnam weather december, do not forget to prepare your outfit, some personal belongings, snacks, personal papers.

Clothes: because winter weather freezing, you need to prepare the warm clothes, equipped with gloves, wool caps, earpiece, warm boots to fight the cold here.

Some personal items that you can carry like toothbrush, face towel, toothpaste. And because the weather here is too cold, you should prepare yourself a moisturizing skin care product to keep your skin healthy. And do not forget to bring your camera, camera to save those memorable moments. Sapa vietnam weather December


If you want to go out to explore and explore yourself, then you can go by motorbike, or go to Sapa by car and rent a motorbike for sightseeing. However, according to Sapa travel experience in December in winter snow white road is very dangerous when you travel by motorbike so the best way is to travel by car. Sapa vietnam weather December

3. Accommodation, housing

Sapa is one of the famous tourist destinations of the country with millions of visitors come here to visit and travel each year so that the accommodation system, hotel here is very developed. However, in the evening, the temperature in Sapa is very low, so with large air-conditioned hotels, you can be rest assured, while small hotels or regular hotels should prepare plenty of warm clothes. To prevent cold or you can rent heating bags, heaters, electric blankets of the hotel to warm the room. Sapa vietnam weather December

4. Eat while traveling Sapa in December

This is a very tourist destination so the restaurant system here is also very diverse, from luxury restaurants to luxury restaurants to popular. Travel in Sapa in the winter you can enjoy the barbecue on the fire, or specialties such as salmon, sturgeon, Ban Pork, or sit beside the pot of smoked sausage. Sapa vietnam weather December.

If you want to explore more in Sapa, you can see Sapa private tour or Sapa group trekking tours

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