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How is the weather in Sapa in November?

Are you planning to visit Sapa or are wondering what should come to Sapa? Then Sapa tourism in November will be a great decision of you. When the last sunshine on the land of Sapa is also a golden time for the experience to enjoy this beautiful North West.

1. sapa weather November

Sapa in November will welcome you with a fresh air, pleasant as any season of the year but will be colder because the weather is freezing. November Sapa travel to enjoy a little bit left on the land of gentle mountain and romantic. With cool weather with a little sunshine during the day, the air is cold at night so it is appropriate to start the journey to travel to the new land right.

2. What is special in sapa weather november

Goodbye the golden rice terraces of the rice harvest season to autumn, Sapa in November is still beautiful and attractive to strange. Probably rare, visitors can occasionally encounter the rare yellow patches left over in the late rice fields.

Sapa travel in November, you will see the terraced fields with clouded clouds are covered and looming somewhere is the little folds peaceful house in the sky of Sapa. Pictures of grazing buffaloes, gullible children playing in endless fields, on stumps of stinky roots. Sapa weather november

Arrive Sapa on the days of November, the time of the season when the sky in the late days to prepare to welcome the winter to make the trip of travelers do not recover. Sapa travel in November, you will see the clouds floating bubbling across the mountain. The village is hidden in the mist, virtual beauty Sapa as a princess sleep in the forest.

In the morning you will wake up in the land of Sapa white clouds floating around the sky Sapa and you will understand why Sapa was dubbed “city in the clouds.” Sapa tourism in November is also very suitable for you to explore the village or conquer Mount Fansipan peak Ham Rong poetic. Sapa weather november

Sunset down in the afternoon I carry the mist, the whole town as drowned in the breeze. This is also an ideal time for young people to record beautiful pictures. Wandering through the streets to enjoy the hot baked barbecue and stroll through the souvenir shops also bring visitors great moments of relaxation.

3. Destinations for sapa weather november

Arriving in Sapa in November is a good time to conquer Fansipan. You can experience conquering the roof of Indochina by modern cable car system and panoramic view of Sapa from above. Standing on the top of Fansipan to feel the clouds floating above your head like the middle of the kingdom in the clouds will give you an enjoyable experience.

Sapa Tours in November, you can also visit Ham Rong Mountain to enjoy the splendor of flowers in Lan Garden, European Garden with all kinds of flowers blooming. Standing on the rug to watch the whole of Sapa really poetry between the mountains of the north west. Sapa weather november

In the late afternoon sunrise is also a suitable time for you to make Sapa tour in the village. Visit Cat Cat crossing the Si bridge, A Lu bridge to the village of H’Mong famous with many traditional handicrafts will leave visitors unforgettable impression.

In addition, you can visit Sapa Rock Church in the heart of Sapa land with beautiful beauty, nostalgic. The evening of the early winter, when the cold began to spill down is a good time to go to the love market. Immerse yourself in the melodious tune of you, in the passionate dance of the H’Mong girls as they cling to visitors when it landed. Sapa weather november

Sapa beautiful land northwest of the country always hide many interesting things. Come to Sapa in November to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and unique experiences on this land of love.

4. Where to stay in Sapa

Hotels, guesthouses and Home stay are 3 choices for travelers to Sapa. You can book Sapa hotel rates on our booking page. However, in any way, you should also call and book the room before. Or you can take Sapa homestay tours from Hanoi.

Sapa travel experience cheap, there are two collective training camps and Sapa softest hotel prices are: Cau May and Fansipang. In these two areas, the price per night for two people about 200,000-300,000VNĐ. The holiday season may increase but not significantly. Sapa weather november

Sapa Hotel Pinocchio Hotel at 15 Muong Hoa, Price from $ 23: Free wifi, laundry service, breakfast included, bike rental is close to the western quarter so shopping is convenient, near many shops Dining (Most Popular)

Green Valley Hotel: Address 45 Muong Hoa, convenient location, price is very good only about $ 11 / night but quite lack of facilities (like TV), service and normal room. However, this is not a bad choice if you want to save the most money.

Tavan Ecologic Homestay: (in Ta Van) Very cheap, only $ 4 – $ 5, extremely cool and close to nature, wifi, fishing and so on to help you relax, most comfortable. Homestay is highly rated, up to 9.5 / 10 from the guests stayed.

Sapin Hotel: No. 14 Dong Loi, TT Sapa is available for about $ 22 / day, with basic standards: free wifi, bike rental, nice room, reasonable price. This is also one of the many selected hotels. Sapa weather november

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa on Xuan Vien Road, central Sapa. With rates up to over $ 100 / day, this 4.5 star resort includes all amenities: Wifi, pool, massage, sauna, spa, gym, pool table and of course breakfast included. . For the needs of a luxury hotel, comfortable and full in Sapa, this is the first choice, the most booked and best response.

If you want o explore more in Sapa, you can see tours in Sapa or Sapa Vietnam group tour

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