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How much to tip in a restaurant, or a hotel when traveling?

British etiquette expert, William Hanson, said tipping is a culture. But it can also lead to tensions between waiters and diners.

Andrew, living in Northamptonshire, England shared a memory of his visit to America. He and his friend ate about $ 250, so thinking that leaving $ 20 in tip is enough. But when they left, the angry waiter ran after him and said: “20 USD tip? Is my service worth only that much?.” According to surveys, the amount that Andrew should leave needs to double.

WeSwap, a firm providing information for travelers before traveling has published a survey, based on questions asked on 2,000 people: How much tourists will tip with a meal for two people in Europe and America. The answer is 11-19% of total bills when in Europe, in the US is 22%.

The survey also showed that British tourists are willing to spend 16.7% on bills to tip waiters when abroad, despite poor service quality. That number corresponds to the amount of money they tip while in the UK, but the service needs to be good. 46% of respondents believe that it is rude to leave a tip of less than 7 USD for a meal. Only 30% said the tip was not in their plan when traveling, due to tight budget. According to Jared Jesner, CEO of WeSwap, in the US, the tip is almost mandatory. But you have the right to refuse if the service is too bad and annoying. Many waiters used to be loud with customers when they knew that the tip was below 5% of the total bill.

“The waitress should be grateful for any tip from the guest, even if they tip a little money or skip it. Chasing customers to ask for more tips is to lower yourself,” said William. Hanson said. According to him, visitors should make their own decisions: do not hesitate to tip too much if you enjoy good service, and even say no to the tip if the service is too bad.

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