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How to have cheap travel to Thailand?


Thailand tourism, the country attracts tourists around the world not only by hospitality, friendly smiles; there are still many beautiful natural scenery, untouched. Traveling to explore Thailand, visitors can not ignore the bustling city, shopping malls crowded Bangkok such as shopping paradise Pratunam, Platinum Fashion Mall, Pantip Plaza – the “king” of the central power machine…; Can not miss the beautiful island of Phuket with soft white sand, green pine forest; Pattaya city with leisure activities such as boating, diving, Thai box watching; And there are still many Thai tourist destinations that travelers can not miss and miss.

If you travel to Thailand just to explore the city and expect to have local experience, it might not cost you much. However, if you want to have a luxury one, you might need to spend more. Here are some tips that help you to have a cheap travel to Thailand

1. Searching for cheap flights to Thailand

In any plan for travelling, flights always take up a huge amount of estimated money. Prices for flights change according to the time and date, so if you want to have a cheap travel to Thailand, you should look for cheapest flights. There are various ways for you to find cheap flights

The first one is that you can follow website of some low-price airlines. They always have promotion for cheap flights for some specific routes. But this way requires you lots of luck, because there are lots of people who want to have cheap flight like you. Therefore, make sure that you can book at the right time and your internet connection is strong enough to support you to have a cheap travel to Thailand


Secondly, you also can book tickets for months in advance. As you know the more you book your tickets closely to the departure date, the cheaper you tickets are. Anyway, this way still has downside too. You have to schedule your plan in advance and make sure that your day-off won’t change. But it will be difficult for some busy people. And lastly, you can look for cheap tickets on some booking website. They always update the prices 24/24 and if any airlines start a promotion, they will notice you. You need to be flexible in booking tickets.

2. Visit Thailand during low season of tourism

The high season of tourism in Thailand is from November to March. At this time, tourist from all over the world flock into Thailand, which leads to the raise of services cost. Every tours, hotels, restaurants are on business and they don’t want to miss this occasion to make more money. To be fair, tourist needs services more than services need tourist. Therefore, to have a cheap travel to Thailand, you should to go the low season. You can choose to come on hot or rainy season when not much tourist wants to visit Thailand. At these occasions, you might feel uncomfortable a little because of the weather, but you can get good deals from hotels or any entertainment services. Local people will have some promotion so that travelers can choose their services instead of others.


3. Save money on accommodation

The next thing costs you money than others is accommodation. Like in others tourist countries, you have wide range of accommodation with various prices. And if you just need a place to take a shower and sleep, there is no need for a luxurious hotel.

Here are some options with prices for you. Guesthouse have price from 400 – 1000 Baht, normal hotel ranges from 1000 – 3000 Baht. You also can use booking.com to find the best price for hotel.

4. Work as English teacher in Thailand

Asian countries always need English teachers. They want to prepare the best for children’s future. Because you won’t stay long here so you should join in some volunteer program or some English centers. This job will earn you some money that will help you to spend your saving less. Otherwise, it’s also a chance for you to get to close to the local culture.

Your cheap travel to Thailand will be more meaningful when you can help the community and have fun with children here.

5. Find a great deal for Thailand tour

Thailand tourism is familiar to the world and there are lots of travel agents which give you various offers. Just need to check their promotions, destinations and time. Then, you will find the cheap travel to Thailand for you. However, you also must be careful too. There are still scams that lots of tourist lost their money. Or you will suffer the worst services with soaring price, if you book your tour in a bad travel agent.


6. Joining in some volunteer programs

Besides of teaching English, you also can learn some from volunteer programs in Thailand. These programs help various people in Thailand from children to disabled people. And with a wide range of field, you can choose to be a doctor or a teacher.

These programs also provide you with free meal and accommodation. With an affordable fee, you can join in programs and get free place to stay. In this way, you have time to travel around while contribute to the society. And this also makes your cheap travel to Thailand precious.

7. Taking classes in Thailand

Thailand language class, cooking class or anything. There is an organization that offers lots of interesting courses name Frontier. It offers Thai Gibbon which costs you 1345$ more or less.

Thai Boxing or Muya Thai is also a hot course in Thailand that you can join. And you only have to pay more than 2000$ for 4 weeks training. Thailand is also the cheapest place for you to attend a diving course and get your certificate.

8. Save with public transportation

Bangkok is a big and modern city with the development of public transport system. Therefore, instead of travel around by car or taxi, you should check public transport. You can check the route online, buy a map which all bus routes are marked or you also can ask local people – they are always willing to help you.


For some remote areas, you also can use public bus. But if you can’t be familiar with the quality of local bus, you can share private car with other travelers. Hiring a car from Bangkok or any big cities in Thailand to the outskirt areas isn’t too expensive if you share with group of 4 or 5 people.

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