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Interesting Things To Do In Sapa


Sa Pa with cool climate year-round, is an attractive holiday destination for those who love mountains and forests and want to experience the wildlife of the Northwest. Travelers who love to travel, and have a favorite place should not miss this amazing place. Let’s see things to do in Sapa so you will have an excellent vacation.

1. Conquer the Fansipan

Conquering the roof of Indochina is the dream of many young people. If you like to challenge and win yourself, then hesitate not to go. This is the first one of things to do in sapa. You can contact us to join Sapa Fansipan trekking tour

2. Rice terrace fields

The terraces in Sapa are honored to be one of the most magnificent terraces in the world. Nature not only gives the people in this land the ideal landscape and climate. But they gave them skillful hands. Hundreds of years, they weave masterpieces – these are the steps leading up to the sky. September harvest of rice, the green fields replaced by yellow color. This is a very attractive time to visit Sapa things to do in sapa

3. Climb to Ham Rong and admire Sapa from above

Observing the town from the 1800m high tower on Ham Rong Mountain is an enjoyable experience that anyone in Sapa should try. Town in a different perspective. The roads, hotels, tourist resorts are small at your feet. Not only that, on Ham Rong Mountain you also see the flower garden full of color and wool through the rocky ravine at Shilin Rock Garden. This is also one of things to do in sapa

4. Contemplate Sunset and sunrise in Sapa

The early morning winds will make you shiver slightly. Hold on to the warm coffee cup, the omelet dish next to it, looking out the window at a beautiful hotel. You will meet a gentle Sapa in early morning mist. Wait until the afternoon, the sun disappears after the Hoang Lien Son range, Sapa is dyed by a purple, there is something romantic and sad man.

5. Sleep in Homestay in Sapa – things to do in sapa

Arrive Sapa, sleep homestay in the home of an ethnic minority. Eat traditional, refreshing food. Waking in the village far from the town center will be a wonderful experience that you can not forget when coming to this land. The homestay service in Sapa is very developed, you can rest assured about the hygiene of housing and food. You can also take Sapa homestay tours from Hanoi

6. Silver waterfall and love waterfall

Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall about 12km from town center, located on the way to Lai Chau. Visiting these two cascades will not only make you feel like you are in the direction of cool water vapor. But also heard the story of love falls, where the seventh female fairy goddess met the woodcutter. Due to his passion for flute, but the heavenly ban, she turned into yellow feathered fly over the mountain and kept crying for three hour. One of things to do in sapa is visiting these amazing waterfalls.

7. O Quy Ho pass

Along the way to Lai Chau, across the Silver Falls and Love Waterfall you will visit the peak of O Qui Ho Pass. One of the four great mountain pass of the forest. Standing on the top of the pass, you will see the sugar-drinking routes connecting the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Next to it is the Hoang Lien Son range.

8. Enjoy special dishes in Sapa – things to do in sapa

It will be a pity if you miss the specialties such as: spicy beef, salmon – streams, Ban Pig … along with the barbecue grill at night in the center of the town. Sapa is very suitable for enjoying hot pot dishes or grilling with corn wine.

9. Top beautiful homestays in Sapa

Sali House

Sapa is just 20 minutes by car, located at the end of Ta Van, Sali House owns the name “west west”, easy to remember and loved as it is. At any location of the homestay, you can also view the view of the green nature. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for any guest staying here. Staying at Sali House, you will enjoy the fresh nature more than ever. You can explore the ancient rock reefs with age of over 2,500 years by the French-born Russian Indochinese Victor Goloubev discovered in 1923. A 10 minute walk from Sali House is a clear stream of clear water. Also, try to conquer the nearby hills to go to Giang Ta Chai village, go to Mui bridge, learn more about the life of indigenous people, or enjoy the delicious specialties of Sapa like. win over, chicken hot pot, three-color sticky … After a day of hard work, you can use the foot massage service by the people serve. All experiences here is also things to do in sapa

Phori’s House

Phori’s House is a beautiful little house located in Ta Van village, about 10 km from Sapa town. In front of the house there is a small stream murmured, on the day you can not rain in front of the stream sitting on a large rock back to read books. In the afternoon, you can walk a little higher, sit down on a field and look down on the immense ladder under the eyes, watching the smoke … a sense of peace can not be expressed in words.

The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The Haven is located on the road to Cat Cat, about 2km from the center so it is very convenient if you want to walk to the town. The atmosphere is very fresh and close to nature, promising to bring visitors experience a very different Sapa, very interesting. Here you can meet lots of amazing friends who can accompany you on the way to explore Sapa and it’s one of things to do in sapa

Eco Palms House

Eco Palms House is located in Lao Chai village with views of Hoang Lien Son and beautiful Muong Hoa valley. Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows, each bungalow is designed as typical of ethnic minority groups living in Sapa including Mong, Dao Do, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho. The bungalows are designed with materials close to nature and environmentally friendly such as wood, bamboo, roof … cool in summer and warm in winter.

If you want to see more in Sapa, you can see Sapa private tour or Sapa group tours

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