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Note when using the Korean subway

You need to know how to read maps, determine destinations, stops to explore Korea by subway. Subway is the main mode of transportation in Korea. For first-time visitors, it’s hard to read the map and find the train station. So you can refer to the note below:

Where is the subway station?

In Korea there are many subway lines. Of which Seoul has more than 20 ships in the city. To identify the train station, you may notice the yellow logo and the staircase going down. A little tip is that you can install some apps to find subway stations when traveling Korea. Alternatively, you can also ask the hotel receptionist or a taxi driver for instructions.

Options for subway tickets

Cash or a T-Money card are two ways you can pay for the trip by subway. You should use cash when traveling infrequently (less than 5 times), if using more should buy a card.

There are automatic ticket counters in the train station. You will receive a single trip card, in addition to the fare you have to deposit a 500 Won card (10,000 VND). After you’re done, you can go to the cash machine to return your card and get your deposit back.

Using T-money card, each train will get a discount of 100 Won (2,000 VND). You can buy T-Money cards at convenience stores and airports. To recharge your T-Money card, you can find automatic ticket vending machines at the subway stations and follow these instructions: Choose your language (machine with English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese settings). After placing the T-Money card on the device, choose the amount you want to top up and put coins or banknotes in. Finally you can take the card out and use it. T-money cards can be used when riding the bus, shopping at groceries, vending machines, and recharging phones.

Determine destination and how to read the subway map

The Korean subway map features multicolored lines and letters. If you understand the following rules, you will easily read the map and determine the destination.

First, you will count stops throughout the trip and list details, from the train station to the destination. Then follow the directions provided in the train and at the station. When traveling, note the change points so you do not get lost or missed.

Train culture in Seoul

You should wait for passengers to get out before entering the subway. Do not sit in a chair reserved for the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly. Always stand on the right of the escalator and avoid making noise, and do not eat on the train.

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