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Risks for companies when guests go missing during their tour abroad

The travel company may be negatively affected or fined because guests will not return to the country as scheduled.

One week after the incident of a tourist named Le Thi Dieu Linh (15 years old) separated the group “to visit relatives” during the tour to England, the company organized the tour Plus Travel is continuing to work with authorities to find causes and solutions for the problem.

“Missing tourists is something which no company wants to happen. First, it will affect the minds of the guests in the group and the tour schedule can be changed. Depending on each case, each embassy will have the different rules and management, cases whether small or serious will directly affect the tour company, “said a representative of a travel company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Normally, the local police will interrogate guests in a group of missing people. The length of interrogation is either long or short depending on the severity of the incident. The schedule of the guests’ delegation can therefore be changed.

On the tour organization side, the company may be banned from applying for a visa at the authorities, if the guest, who is missing, is guaranteed by this organization. In some cases, the company is also blacklisted and informed to other embassies.

In order to limit these risks, when discovering missing tourists, the tour guide must immediately notify the police, Vietnamese authorities and consulates and inform the company to assist with the search and taking care of the remaining guests.

It is the responsibility of the travel company to commit to maintain the quality of service and to ensure that 100% of customers do not overstay at the destination. During the tour, the tour guide must also pay attention to the visitors who have unusual expressions and attitudes. These notes do not have specific guidelines but are highly dependent on the ability to select applications and the experiences of the tour guide.

However, there are still exceptional situations where the tour guide cannot control. According to the experience of major travel firms, enterprises must carefully check the applications, paying attention to the age, personal history and jobs of visitors.

On 8/8/19, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh Tung, travel guide of Travel Plus company, went to the Vietnam Embassy in London to report about the missing tourist. Meanwhile, Linh’s parents in Vietnam confirmed that she “stayed to visit relatives”. Local police found Linh on the night of 12/8. Eight people were arrested. The incident is being investigated by the authorities.

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