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Top 5 things that you have to see in Sapa


Out of the town of Sapa, go north about 18 km, the road to the winding sky winding winding mid-mountain identical messages. This passage is called Tram Ton, crept between majestic Hoang Lien Son range. And the gate of heaven is the top of this pass. Standing in the middle of Sapa’s sky, you can see the vast valley below with green fields, the car road, the far distance is the Silver Falls. Also in this heavenly gate you can feel the magnificence of the Phan Si Pan mountain skyline, beneath the deep chasm […] This is a short description about one famous Sapa things to see. If you have been in Sapa, you might figure out this destination. If not, you will feel curious whether this place is as beautiful as this short narrative tells you. No matter which one is your answer, this list below will reveal amazing things about this land.

1. Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village

The village of Cat Cat was formed in the mid 19th century by a minority of people clustered. Here, they cultivate, animal husbandry and preserve quite good traditional crafts such as weaving brocade, making silver jewelry, copper. Cat Cat is considered one of the most interesting tourist attractions that people can not ignore when coming to Sapa. So, of course, Cat Cat village is one of Sapa things to see Top tips: Cat Cat village is about 2km away from Sapa town. Due to the development of tourism, there are many children who offer to buy candy or ask for money. You can buy H’Mong corn wine as a gift. Must see: Cat Cat waterfall or Tien Sa waterfall. Gem Valley coffee shop (located at the beginning of Cat Cat), Zmong coffee (about 200 meters from the checkpoint). Cuisine: Gem Valley coffee shop (located at the beginning of Cat Cat), Zmong coffee (up to 200 meters from the checkpoint).

2. Lao Chai – Ta Van – Sapa things to see

ta van

Lao Chai – Ta Van is located under the valley, the two sides are Hoang Lien Son Mountain and Ham Rong majestic mountains, where the majority of ethnic people residing: H’Mong, Dao, Giay … The first impression that surprised you is the terraced fields spread vast hills, fresh air, peaceful and serene to surprise. Top tips: From the center of town, you go along Cau May Lane, turn to Muong Hoa Street, continue for about 7km to Lao Chai – Ta Van. Ticket price: 50.000VND / person. Must see: The Cloud Bridge is made from a special plant, crossing the romantic Muong Hoa stream. Food: The homestay in the village has food service: Luckydaisy’s Buffalo House, Avan Ecologic Homestay, My Tra Homestay, Sapa Hmong Homestay …

3. Sin Chai village

Sin Chai

The next candidate in the list of Sapa things to see is Sin Chai village. This village is located at the foot of Mount Fansipan, Sin Chai is inhabited by the Black H’Mong people. This is a village that has not been “tourism” so still retain the original wild. Apart from upland rice cultivation and hybrid maize, Sin Chai people choose sloping mountains to grow cardamom, a significant source of income in the ancient valley. In the village there are many elderly people, especially women. The people here think that their long-term secret is because of the clean climate, clean water and vegetables that are not contaminated with chemicals. Top tips: Sin Chai village is more than 4km away from Sapa town center. To get to the road only one way, visitors from the center of town through Cat Cat to Sin Chai. Cuisine: You can ask the villagers to cook rice and eat with them.

4. Silver Waterfall

Silver waterfall

Silver Falls attracts visitors by the beautiful natural beauty. From the ravine hundreds of meters high, the water rumbled down, the white foam burst as the flowers. The waterfall falls, the sound of water echoing in the forest deepens the feeling of wild, mysterious. That’s why this waterfall always attracts lots of tourists and it’s also one of interesting Sapa things to see. Top tips: Waterfall is right next to National Highway 4D, the main route to Lai Chau province and only 12km to the center of Sapa town.The road is quite convenient. You should choose the easiest way to conquer the cascading staircase. Ticket price: 30.000VND / person. Must see: Coldwater Aquaculture Research Center (Highway 4D). Cuisine: SaPhi restaurant with famous dishes from salmon.

5. Sapa local market

SAPA market

This market started from the end of 2013. Sapa market newly built spacious, clean with 2 storey townhouse on the area of 3.000m2. The market is full of goods from fresh meat and vegetables to clothing, medicine, clothes and other souvenirs … Sapa new market is right next to the bus station so it is very convenient for tourists shopping when New to Sapa town or prepare to leave. Let’s come to visit Sapa things to see here and get something for your friends as a gift. Top tips: Market located on highway 4D (intersection intersection with Luong Dinh Cua). Prices are good here, but you should still pay the price to get the best price. Cuisine: Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes in the market.

There are still lots of Sapa things to see, but if we outline all of them, you have to spend one night without sleeping to read all. So, let’s discover Sapa by your own way and give us your opinions. If you want to explore more in Sapa, you can take Sapa homestay tours or see more Sapa tours

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