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Unbelievable things were stolen in the hotel

GERMANY – One hotel had its bed taken away by a guest, and another was puzzled by the loss of battery in the controller.

German travel company Wellness Heaven has surveyed nearly 1,200 hotels from around the world to determine what they often lose in their rooms. The results received surprised many people.

The thing that gets taken the most is towels. They are often expensive and cost a lot of money to buy. Therefore, the hotel will charge the tenant if the towel is damaged or lost.

Next on the list are bathrobes and clothes hangers. They are all useful items, good quality.

However, more and more tenants prefer to pick up more unusual items. One of them is the artwork hanging in the room, batteries in the remote control of the TV, air conditioner and even a bed.

In the report sent to the German travel agency, there was a hotel that lost a grand piano, some hotels reported missing benches in the sauna, room windows and even the stereo system in spas and light bulbs. ..

In addition, Mirror also provides a list of items in the hotel room that guests can bring when returning home at no additional charge. It is personal hygiene items in the bathroom such as shampoo, shower gel, razor, toothbrush … Disposable slippers are also on this list.

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