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You haven’t been in Vietnam if you haven’t visited these places


Vietnam is a land of gold and silver sea forest, this place is favored by nature with many attractions attracting many foreign tourists because of its friendliness and wild beauty in this land of masterpiece. Coming to Vietnam, tourist have chance to experience the culture and lifestyle here. But, if you still don’t know where to discover in Vietnam, let’s check the list of Vietnam popular destinations.

1. Hoi An ancient town


Hoi An Ancient Town is an old town along the coast of the central province 30km south of Da Nang City, in Quang Nam Province of Vietnam. Hoi An ancient town is typical for a busy commercial port, this place used to have traces of Cham port trading, known for its famous Silk Road. In the two major wars of Vietnam that were not devastated, this place officially became an attractive tourist destination known to many tourists from the four countries. Coming to Hoi An Ancient Town, you are immersed in the temples with classical architecture, with old houses from the 17th and 18th centuries or the image of the golden wall of confetti before the porch. At night, Hoi An Ancient Town is stripped with shimmering lights, the lanterns shining on both sides of the street enhance the beauty of this place. The beauty of this place make it become one of the most beautiful Vietnam popular destinations that visitors shouldn’t miss. Hoi An Ancient Town is typical for a harmonious combination of architectural and cultural beauty over the decades, a typical place of a fully protected traditional Asian market port. This is a place which creates beautiful moments in the discovery process of visitors when coming to Vietnam.

2. Sapa


Sa Pa is an attractive tourist destination of Vietnam for foreign tourists, located in Lao Cai province of Vietnam. This is an attractive destination for tourists because of the cool fresh air, the majestic nature of the mountains and forests with untouched beauty of the northwestern region of our country. This one of Vietnam popular destinations is famous for trekking. The beauty of this place is always ready for you. In spring there are images of cherry blossoms, endless apricot flowers in forests creating a romantic space. If you come here in the winter, you will be immersed in the white of the snow that covers the road, and the scenery. If you come to this place in the rice season (June), you can admire a vast green color of the field with typical terraced fields of the mountains of northern Vietnam, or the yellow of the main rice in October. You can take Sapa trekking tour by clicking here to see more.

The climate is cool all year round, with dense fog hovering around the people, the scenery, hovering over the terraced fields and the same mountain ranges. Don’t forget to conquer the peak of the roof of the Indochina Fansipan when you arrive here. You also shouldn’t ignore the beauty of the houses of the village here with the beauty of long-standing traditional culture. One of reasons make this place become one of Vietnam popular destinations is the diversity of ethnic culture. Take Tour Sapa Fansipan if you wish to explore this place. Sapa has the luxurious beauty of the European-style villas, the natural landscape of the 200m Silver Falls, the beauty of Cau May, Heaven Gate, the beauty of the flowers in Muong Hoa valley, Truc forest, ancient stone beach Sa Pa … If you want to visit Sapa, you can refer our tours in Sapa

3. Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is a small bay in the Northeast sea area in Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. This Vietnam popular destinations is a landmark of Vietnam introduced by the world’s leading magazine about tourism as one of the world’s 10 famous boat destinations. Ha Long Bay is a huge, vivid picture and an illustration of an ancient world where everything turned into stones. Human Head is an image of a person standing in the direction of the land. The image of Dragon Island is like a dragon flying, La Vong Phu island with the image of the old man sitting, Hon Ga Ga, Canh Buon and Hon Lu Huong … all bring amazing beauty to them. , can transform according to visitors’ views. When coming to Halong, you can’t ignore the beauty of the cave hidden in the heart of the rock islands: the cave of the Three Sisters, Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave … They are castles between the earthly place created by creation. Along with the places that are included in the poetry of the Vietnamese people: Van Don commercial port, Bach Dang river with glorious victories. Ha Long Bay is also the gathering place of many famous ecosystems: Coral ecosystem, tropical tree forest ecosystem, mangrove ecosystem … With such beauty, this place was recognized by the World Heritage Council as a World Natural Heritage in 1994, the second time was in 2000 when it was recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO by geological value, geomorphology. That’s why this place is always in the top of Vietnam popular destinations.

Here are three prominent destinations in Vietnam that you shouldn’t miss. There are still more, but before discovering others, make sure that you visit all three places above.

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